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OpenStreetMap – Using and Enhancing the Free Map of the World


Together with Frederik Ramm, I wrote the book OpenStreetMap – Using and Enhancing the Free Map of the World. It was the first book on OpenStreetMap on the market and is still the most comprehensive one. Thousands of people in Germany and around the world learned from this book how to contribute to OpenStreetMap and use the data that the project provides.

The first German edition was published in February 2008. The third German updated and revised edition was published in 2010. In September 2010 we also published a translated and updated English edition. The book is by now out of date and out of print, but ebooks are still available from the publisher. More information about the book can be found at www.openstreetmap.info.

Antispam Strategies – Detecting and Combating Unsolicited Email

In the autumn of 2004 I was contracted by the German Federal Office for Information Security (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik, BSI) to write a study on the subject of "Spam". I was the project manager and also wrote large parts of the content. I was supported by five co-authors.

The study explains the technical, financial and legal background of the spam menace and describes the function of the many existing antispam measures. It also contains recommendations which technical and organizational measures should be used against spam. Its intended audience are postmasters, system administrators and IT decision makers.

The 170 page study is written in German and was presented in May 2005 under the title "Antispam-Strategien" (Antispam Strategies). It used to be available from the publisher or through book shops but is now out of print. A free PDF version can be downloaded from the BSI web site.