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I'm a software developer and systems architect who prefers working on the data crunching and database back-end of systems (but I won't shy away from doing web interfaces as well if necessary). I work as a freelancer.

My main focus these days is on geographic information systems (GIS) with a special emphasis on OpenStreetMap-related projects. But I also have an extensive background on Internet applications and services and their integration using databases and automated processes into scalable, reliable and secure systems on the basis of Linux and open standards.

I do short consulting jobs or presentations as well as multi-month projects. Usually my work will be billed by the hour but we can also agree on a fixed price. I'd be happy to work out a quote for your project.

I also offer support contracts for my Open Source software and other related software. A low reglar payment ensures you have somebody to contact if there are any issues. And I'll also keep you informed about any new developments that might affect your use case. Any time billed that you don't need will go towards maintaining the software in general.

Depending on the circumstances and needs of your project I work from home or on-site everywhere in Germany (or beyond). Of course I'll document my work and, where needed, will train the staff of my clients.

Have a look around this web site if you want to know more about me or want to see examples of my work. Many of my projects are publicly available as Open Source software, you can get a good view of my work this way. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.