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[Jochen Topf]

Latest entries in my blog:

My name is Jochen Topf. I am a professional software developer, author and Open Source enthusiast.

I work as a freelancer. In a former life that work was mostly about Internet services, especially email servers and anti-spam measures. Today it is mostly about geographic information services and spatial data, particularly related to OpenStreetMap.

Over the years I have written a lot of software, sometimes for clients and sometimes just for fun. Where possible I have released it as Open Source.

Since 2006 I am involved in the OpenStreetMap project, collecting map data, writing software, and organizing events. I am co-author of the first book on OpenStreetMap and wrote some articles. I often give talks, too. Occasionally I write about what I am doing in my blog.

I am available for consulting on all matters OpenStreetMap and can write or customize software for processing OpenStreetMap or other geographical data for you. I am also offering support contracts for the OpenStreetMap software I am working on.